Kuwait announced Ramadan working hours -2015

June 4, 201518 Comments


CSC released the working hour schedule for Ramadan.

Public Sector : 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

Private sector, As per Labor Law , working hours during Ramadan must be shortened to 36 hours a week, or six hours a day.


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  1. in ramdan work timing should b after taraweeh,too hot in day time,i think in ramdan better work should b night

  2. Happy ramadan and 6 hrs duty don't worry more than 6 hrs should pay as ot

  3. Aman Deep says:

    I am 12 year in kuwait but my comnpny not follows lebor low my duty 12 hours in ramdan ……..

  4. Thats not true im working for 5 yrs in kwt and my compny never follow 6hours….

  5. Most companies in kuwait never follows what's the Labor Law given rules….they said mafi fayda!!!

  6. Rules only in the paper not impinented

  7. Ramzan me no working sirf Roje rakho or Allah ki Ibada

  8. i am working security ramdan working time 12 horuse this roule not allowd for security

  9. Addy Taddy says:

    abdul razaq sir g ider rent inta zada hai we cant afford to close shops for so lo g

  10. Wish u all ramadan kareena and perfect working hours

  11. kuwait car accessory street shops never close for ramdan times…

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