How to find a job in Kuwait

August 18, 20180 Comments

1- Find out what are your key skills and present them in simple English. Your manager may be a knowledgeable mentor but the recruiter who is screening your resume may not have sufficient background and English might be his/her second Language.

2- Tap into the network of Recruitment Companies serving Kuwait’s market: start by applying your resume on website like KUD ,  http://Bayt.comIndeedNaukriGulftalent, & Linkedin are few of the best and easiest.

3- Find out if your previous employer and/or their competitors have operations in Kuwait. Finding talent with experience in the same industry is a plus. Do your reasearch on industries you want to work in. Apply to them.

4- Pick up a copy of Kuwait’s Labor Law handbook so that you know what questions to ask when you are invited to the interview.

5- Start networking – use Linkedin an make sure you profile is updated. Cozy up to the locals they my have insight on who’s hiring.

6- On a spiritual level; create affirmations that you already have the job that you want. The universe will give it to you if you believe that it is yours. This is a tip that has helped me personally.

7- You need to check what type of skill set you have which matches the required skill set in Kuwait (At present infrastructure, oil, power generation & banking are in high demand, you can again check the trends online).

8- Check on what are your goals to get a job as you cannot be a permanent resident of the country you will have to leave at one or the other point from Kuwait (So define how long you are willing to stay)

9- Considering the cost of living in Kuwait, you need to consider the factor of shifting with family and schooling and other things, also check if the payscale is matching the expenditure.

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