Features of “Total Lockdown” in Kuwait

May 8, 20200 Comments

As per Arabtiems, The Government Spokesperson Tariq Al-Muzaram will announce the rules of lockdown at 10 pm at a press conference

Most prominent features which will cover in the rules are as below
Service teams will be announced in each governorate to organize the provision of the needs of the population and the mechanisms for providing them under a total lockdown

Stopping of home delivery catering services from the beginning of total lockdown, especially the restaurants who don’t have permits for home delivery.

Food supply companies that supply to hospitals and quarantine areas are excluded from total lockdown but have to adhere to health regulations strictly.

All business stops including bank, stock exchange and companies.Basic services will not stop, but measures will be taken to limit the number, duration of timing and social distancing. The government will be open to any amendments to the business and services flow plans during the total lockdown period as indicated by practical experience.

Source : Arabtimes

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