Call to develop other shopping mechanisms and close co-operative societies

April 30, 20200 Comments

Major cooperative societies have sounded the health alarm, warning of the repercussions of complacency or the experience of patchy solutions that may lead to central markets being fertile grounds and easy prey for the coronavirus – the hidden opponent that continues to spread in front of total inability to tame or curb it, calling for the markets to be closed in the country while developing other shopping mechanisms more cautious than the current mechanism.

The cooperative societies called on relevant State ministries represented by the ministries of Health, Commerce and Industry, Social Affairs and Interior to avoid a catastrophe that could be out of control after the cooperative shopping outlets have been overwhelmed.

They demanded the need to protect citizens and expatriates among consumers, employees and volunteers from contracting the disease, saying the disease will spread if the cooperative markets continue to open to all.

Head of Mishref Cooperative Society Abdul Rahman Al-Qadiri was the first to call concerned authorities to completely close the central markets. He called for activation of electronic shopping service and delivery to the door of houses or opening of the service “call and receive your things” without the need to enter the central market or implementing the appointment reservation service through the Ministry of Commerce around the clock instead of limiting it to the ban period.

Source: Arabtimes

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