1,384 boys and girls caught in Kuwait

April 25, 20169 Comments


The phenomenon of smoking among students is increasing dramatically and is no longer limited to high school students but it is obvious the habit has seeped into the intermediate level students and even elementary, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to reliable sources a total of 1,384 students — boys and girls — at intermediate and secondary levels were caught smoking inside the school premises.

The source pointed out smoking spread among secondary school students and teachers detected 874 cases — three of them female students — of smoking in all schools over the past year, an increase of 63 percent of the total cases. The sources added 413 cases were detected in the intermediate schools, an increase of 30 percent, including 13 female students, and, 97 cases, all male pupils, in the elementary school.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. Ashraf Mohammad sorry dear, i didnt thought about the employees working in the cigarette company will be out of monthly wages if people wont smoke, especially kids… Comeon dear…

  2. Joyson Cherian whats your problem if they are smoking?

  3. Raj Lokhu says:

    Freely available products on corner bakalas , I doubt parents see them what they do , it's high time future generation has to be taken care off

  4. Rare Breed says:

    What they were smoking?


  6. Last 13 yrs am seeing this. The concerned authorities should take necessary action on this issue. As these kids are the future of their countries. They should be given high quality classes on the issues of smoking etc. Should take strict action if a kid is seen smoking

  7. Raj Lokhu says:

    Ya it's really amazing in Kuwait just see small kids in bus Mangaf ,fahaheel area , even driver ,they don't care especially during break of school time,

  8. Rafi Shaik says:

    These are the future offfffff kuwait…..

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