Vehicle can be impound for 60 days in following cases

January 16, 20160

■ Driving vehicles with no number plates or just one plate (front or rear), number plate which is difficult to read or if the plate is not clearly visible and using number plates other than the one issued by the General Traffic Department;

■ Reckless or negligent driving or those motorists who do not concentrate on driving and put the lives of others at risk and jumping the red traffic light;

■ Driving a vehicle that emits thick smoke or carrying material which may endanger the safety of motorists or cause damage to their vehicles and playing loud music, or vehicles from which emanate annoying noise;

■ Vehicles displaying writings or stickers relaying information, fl ags or pictures or logos promoting a class or a sect or a group or illegal organizations with the exception of images of the symbols of the nation and the flag of the State of Kuwait;

■ Vehicles which are fitted with wheel rims or tires which do not comply with the size and manufacturer’s specifications and instruction;

■ Driving on the right shoulder in violation of the law issued by the General Traffic Department;

■ Driving vehicles with foreign number plates in case of imported vehicles directly from abroad after the end of the allowed period of time and if the towing vehicle lacks regulatory conditions.

Source : Arab Times 


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