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Kuwaiti females married to Expats

November 7, 20160 Comments

According to this statistic,

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Video – Hillary Clinton among Kuwaitis

November 6, 20160 Comments

Video – Hillary Clinton among Kuwaitis 

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Video – Kuwaitis rescued the sheep from the sea in Kuwait

August 5, 20151 Comment

sUntitledA group of Kuwaiti men on a voyage in their boat in the Gulf water stumbled across a sheep struggling against the waves to remain alive. Continue Reading &raquo

Before i was working IN the office and now i am working FOR the office

July 14, 20152 Comments

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I can shop with my kids , Kuwait

December 9, 20144 Comments

IMG-20141208-WA0071_resizedEKBAL Behbehani and her team organized a “Special Needs” shopping day at Jameayat al Daeyah, “I can shop with my kids”.

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E-Visa system for the UK , Kuwait

December 9, 201421 Comments


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