My 4 years in Kuwait

June 30, 20150

reeyawrI m an Indian, i never had the opportunity to travel abroad, i always wanted to see the world outside my country, infact it was my dream to travel abroad, i never had a specific country in my mind, where i really wanted to go, it could be anywhere..
And Then one day, my destiny got a twist, i got a visa to move  to abroad, where else could it be…it was ‘KUWAIT’ my very first visa, wow……i was so excited…this was the very first time i was traveling by a plane, i was so happy…..
Finally the day of my travel appeared, and in 3 to 4 hrs i reached Kuwait airport, OMG….i was like one of those kids when they see something new keep on starring at it forgetting everything, no matter whoever is looking LOL…
I saw arabs for the first time on the airport dress in their traditional way, they looked so cool, i saw different people of different nationality at the airport, when i came out of the airport, my relative were waiting for me, as i was processing towards  home, i was constantly watching out the car, this was truly a new world, i could not see trees like the way we have in our country, it was not greenery, there was only sand no red mud, i could see big beautiful houses but with all the doors n windows closes, the entire road packed with expensive cars, no person walking on the road.
Second day of my stay in Kuwait, my relatives took me to the mall, The Avenues, wow….this place is truly heaven, now here i saw the entire people of kuwait in one shot, the very beautiful kuwaiti women,   the handsome men, some with their beautiful traditional wear and others in branded clothes branded shoes, branded bags, OMG…everything was so beautiful…the wonderful stores at the mall, the food court, the planet world for the kids, carrefour, restaurants everything was truly amazing, i wanted to be there forever…
Now from here my journey living in Kuwait started, i had face many ups n downs finding a job here, eventually i got a job as a receptionist in a high class  nail salon, i was the only Indian working with 3 other philppines ladies, it was not a very good experience thats what i can say about my first job in Kuwait, but the best thing living in Kuwait was, i married to the best person in the world, and after 2 years of my marriage i conceived, but i had to come back to my country later.
This is my 4 years experience living in Kuwait, yes Offcourse its not every single thing that happened in this 4 year, if i pen down every little thing, people reading my article will be fedup, anyways….
I have seen the most beautiful, amazing days in Kuwait, today sitting back home in my country i say, kuwait i truly miss u, i call this country my second home. But today i m truly distrub, the day i came to know about the bomb blast the terrifying act in Kuwait, i was shocked, the killing of innocent people this is truly horrific, how can anyone kill someone in the name of God, how can anyone be so stone hearted, years back we in our country had experienced the same pain, men women not even children were forgived by this Satan’s
When God created humans to live, why do this terrorist kill humans in the name of God, no religion teaches to kill people, no judge of any court have got the right to kill a person without proving that he is actually guilty of a big crime, then who are this terrorist n why do they kill people and in the terrible act they kill them self,  do they have parents, brothers n sister, wife or children’s, or were they born just like a seed that sprouts in a soil, no relations, no pain nothing.
I only pray to God for all the families who lost their loved once in this terrible bomb blast to give them strength,to be with them in their sorrows, to keep safe all the people of this world, there are people who leave their loved once behind and go to different places to earn  their bread and butter, they families depend on them and one fine day when such acts take place everything is over for their families, i also pray to God to give all the terrorist a heart to love, and to end up terrorism, let people live in the way they want to and in the religion they want to worship, live your lives the way you want to, plssss stop killing plssss stop killing.

Written by Reeya Fernendes

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