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10 pct of marriages dissolved within first year

January 3, 20180 Comments

Head of Legal Affairs Unit at Legal Documentation Department in the Ministry of Justice Khalid Al-Haddad disclosed that 10 percent of marriages in Kuwait are dissolved within the first year of nuptial knot, reports Al-Qabas daily.

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CALL FOR ACTION: as divorce rate crosses 50% in Kuwait

November 3, 20150 Comments

ddDivorce cases were slightly above half of the marriages in Kuwait in the first six months of the year, statistics indicate.  Continue Reading &raquo

Mixed marriages have the lowest divorce rate in the Kuwait

July 21, 20150 Comments

divorce rate kuwaitThe absence of openness, the lack of a sense of responsibility and adultery were cited among the major reasons for divorce in Kuwait in 2015.  Continue Reading &raquo

Lecture on “Divorce in islam” , Kuwait

December 10, 20140 Comments

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