10 pct of marriages dissolved within first year

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Head of Legal Affairs Unit at Legal Documentation Department in the Ministry of Justice Khalid Al-Haddad disclosed that 10 percent of marriages in Kuwait are dissolved within the first year of nuptial knot, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Haddad noted 12,500 marriages were recorded until December 2017 and that the percentage of divorce in Kuwait is not as high as insinuated. He explained the department conducted several studies on cases of divorce within the first five years of marriage, which showed the divorce rate did not exceed 27 percent.

On the contrary, recent statistics by the Public Authority for Civil Information indicated a total of 83,804 cases of divorce were registered within the first six months of 2017, which affected 57,714 Kuwaitis.

Meanwhile, Director of Records of Deaths and Births at Ministry of Health Rashed Al-Azmi revealed that a total of 51,314 birth certificates were issued for both citizens and expatriates in the year 2017, reports Al- Anba daily.

He explained that 29,052 birth certificates were issued for Kuwaiti citizens and 22,289 for expatriates. A total of 6,124 death certificates were issued for both citizens and expatriates. Also, 1,812 birth certificates and 155 death certificates were issued for Bedoun residents in 2017.

Al-Azmi revealed that 546 lawsuits concerning issuance of death and birth certificates were filed against Ministry of Health in 2017, indicating that verdicts have been issued in 413 lawsuits, and 98 percent of the verdicts were in favor of the ministry. He affirmed that the birth certificates cannot be forged, and no cases of forgery have been discovered yet. Al-Azmi said, “According to Article No. 5 of Law No. 4/2015 on child protection, every child has the right to hold a name that identifies him.

That name must not have a meaning that would cause him embarrassment and shame among his peers”. He indicated about an electronic interface between the central site of the department and the relevant centers, clarifying that death and birth certificates can be issued from any of these places in coordination with the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).

Al-Azmi said the department has a total of 105 employees and 99 percent of them are Kuwaitis. He explained, “If a child is stillborn aft er six months of pregnancy, a death notification is issued for it and he is recorded as ‘dead child aft er six months of pregnancy’. If a child is stillborn before the sixth month of pregnancy, it is considered as abortion or miscarriage. Only a burial permit is issued in that case”.

Source : Arabtimes

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