Studies on the Metro Project completed

May 1, 20182 Comments

Director General of Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport Engineer Hamad Al-Hesan said the authority has completed necessary studies on Kuwait’s Metro Project, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a letter to Kuwait Municipality, Al-Hesan said the letter was in response to a request from the municipality indicating the schedule should be submitted to enhance procedures of project floating.

This will enable the municipality to remove obstacles by submitting the routes to the Municipal Council for final approval. He reaffirmed a consultancy company appointed by the Public Authority for Public-Private Sectors Partnership Enterprises carried out the study concerning necessities of the project to pave the way for execution under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) system.

He explained the authority issued decision number 58/2017 to set up a committee to deliberate on the metro project as a way of completing and updating the study from all angles, in addition to recommendation on the best way of executing the project.

He hinted the committee concluded the previous routes were opposed by some authorities, because they didn’t connect several new residential cities and ports, noting the above-stated reason and many other observations led to its rejection.

He added the Ministry of Communications earlier advised the overseer of the project against executing the project in partnership with private sector before the introduction of Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport due to the nature and high cost of the project, coupled with risks involved in such a system.

He pointed out that Public Authority for Public-Private Sectors Partnership Projects transferred the project to the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport in the middle of 2017 prior to the director general’s appointment.

He assured the authority now focuses on executing the metro project, considering its significance and massive contribution to internal transport upgrading for passengers. He reiterated the project will alleviate traffic congestion that has been causing many economic and social problems.

Source : Arabtimes

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