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DATx : The Adtech Blockchain

So what is DATx ?

DATx, a new blockchain initiated by Cosima Foundation, and in collaboration with Avazu, a leading advertising platform with global coverage.  DATx (currently trading on HADAX) aims to help advertisers cut through all the fragmented clutter of user behavioral data to accurately target users and by delivering advertisements that are meaningful to them.

So what makes them different?

What makes DATx different from other competitors in is its ability to combine blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and big data solutions to deliver the optimum results to the advertisers. DATx’s is confident that its holistic protocol will help resolve challenges within the digital advertising sector around the accuracy of sending personalized and meaningful advertisement to internet users.

So in simple terms, it can act as a single stop shop for the digital advertising industry to help the advertisers understand complex user behavioral patterns there by helping to refine the audience targeting tools. Using the help of advanced AI system and blockchain, it can help to understand what time the targeted audience has received the advertisement, how long they viewed the advertisement and whether they made the purchase etc. Leveraging on this transparent, multi-stakeholder record of end-to-end user behavior data, advertisers can then refine their audience targeting tools, delivering precise advertising only to relevant users there by getting better results than that of the current scenario


‍Sounds good. How about the team /Advisors?

The team looks great .What if I wish to buy some DATx Token?

DATx, , won the second place in HADAX’s phase 2 round 1 token voting out of 23 applications. It got listed and currently trading on HADAX ( ) from Mid of April.

Everything sounds great ? What if I wish to know more about DATx?

Huobi Pro ( ), one of the world’s largest digital asset exchanges, is hosting the 2018 Blockchain Festival in Ho Chi Minh City on May 24-25. The two-day Blockchain Festival, the first of its kind in Vietnam, will feature more than 30 speakers, including keynotes from Le Ngoc Giang from the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam, and David Nguyen, president of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce Singapore and chairman of Regulus Investment & Capital Holdings

As a part of the Panel discussion (Applications) on day 2 , Mona Du (Global Head of Business Development DATx) will be participating in discussion on topic  “Disrupting Content and Advertisement Block by Block “ .

If you want to participate in this gala event in Blockchain, You can grab your tickets from:

Also using the the code“ DATX50 “, You can get an exclusive 50% discount off the tickets as well

If you want to learn more about DATx, head for

Twitter: @datxofficial

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