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Doctors and graduates among 22,000 expatriates deported

September 10, 20170 Comments

Over the past eight months until August this year the Ministry of Interior has deported 22,000 expatriates for various reasons including those violating the labor laws and criminals, and those who committed serious traffic violations.

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Expatriate sentenced to four years in prison with KD5,000 fine and deportation

August 23, 20170 Comments

The Court of Cassation nullified the verdict of Misdemeanor Court of Appeals that sentenced an expatriate to four years in prison with KD5,000 fine and deportation after serving the term for practicing pharmacy and dispensing medicines without license.

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Three deported and 22 in custody

December 29, 20160 Comments

During traffic campaigns held from December 18 to December 24 in all governorates of the country,

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2,048 maids deported

November 4, 20160 Comments

More than 2,000 domestic workers were deported following their arrest in crackdowns against domestic help offices carried out in the past 10 months, an Interior Ministry official announced yesterday.

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About 1 million expatriates deported

November 3, 20160 Comments

Statistics issued by the security authorities shows the government of Kuwait has deported approximately one million expatriates over the past 20 years for committing various types of offences, reports Al-Shahed daily.

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Deported maids are able to come back

October 14, 20160 Comments

The Interior Ministry has deported 900 female domestic workers this year until date without being fingerprinted, reports Al-Anba daily.

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Deportation for six expatriates

October 11, 20160 Comments

Officers from General Traffic Department launched sudden traffic campaigns in all governorates

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Deportation of 25 Expats

August 9, 20160 Comments

General Traffic Department (GTD) embarked on several traffic campaigns in all six governorates last week

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Kuwait deported 14 more people

June 12, 20164 Comments

Kuwait is deporting 14 more beggars after they were caught asking for money near places of worship.

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Deportation for environment law breakers

May 14, 20160 Comments

Environmental Police affiliated to the Public Security Sector, in coordination with Environment Public Authority, has been taking firm legal action against the violators of environmental law including those who violated the law on grazing of livestock by allowing animals under their care to stray onto the roads and cause traffic accidents.

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