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A night in december , Kuwait

December 21, 20140 Comments

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Rocketing rent prices in Kuwait

December 9, 201418 Comments


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Burn injury evaluation device in Kuwait

December 9, 20140 Comments

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Air Ambulance in Kuwait

December 4, 20146 Comments

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Rethinking sponsorship system

December 1, 20141 Comment

The sponsorship (kafala) system in the Gulf needs a good dust-off to provide workers and employers alike protection from fraud and abuses. Continue Reading »

Life after Death – Workshop , Kuwait

December 1, 20140 Comments

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Kuwait asked to halt visas for housemaids

December 1, 201426 Comments


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Most of the death occurred in Kuwait in months of January & February

November 28, 20142 Comments

Most of the death occurred in Kuwait in months of January & February  I guess, I must correct the sentence with “Most of the death occurred in THE WORLD in months of January & February”  Continue Reading »

New Conditions for expats for driving license , Kuwait

November 26, 201482 Comments

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Kuwaiti sentenced to hang for ‘killing’ his filipino wife , Kuwait

November 20, 201423 Comments

The Criminal Court issued capital punishment against a citizen who murdered his Filipino wife after he found out the woman was pregnant without his permission. The court decided to refer civil aspect of the case to the relevant court. Continue Reading »

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