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Kuwait re-issued the first 130 years old Kuwaiti coin “Paisa”

November 14, 20160 Comments

 Kuwait re-issued the first 130 years old Kuwaiti coin “Paisa”

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Al Qaeda suspect from Guantanamo to Kuwait

January 8, 20160 Comments

The United States released a suspected al Qaeda propagandist to the government of Kuwait on Friday, leaving a total of 104 inmates at the U.S. naval prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Continue Reading &raquo

Kuwaiti jet-skiers win four cups in US tournament

August 10, 20150 Comments

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Tank Drifting by Kuwait’s Crew

August 5, 20151 Comment

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Before i was working IN the office and now i am working FOR the office

July 14, 20152 Comments

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Video wherein Kuwaiti Aircraft & Malaysian Aircraft were about to collide

April 6, 20151 Comment

Video – 1000s of Kuwaiti Dinars blow away on Soor Street , Kuwait

February 9, 201522 Comments

Kuwait among top 10 most obese nations, Kuwait

January 24, 20151 Comment

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Kuwaiti Woman Scratches Husband’s Porsche after He Gets Married

December 23, 201471 Comments


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Congratulations Abdullah Boushahri (Kuwaiti) for winning IWC Filmmaker Award

December 13, 20140 Comments

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