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Term ‘domestic workers’ instead of calling them ‘housemaids.’

November 28, 20170

Kuwait Society for Human Rights is baffled by the inhumane terms being used to refer to expatriates in the country, such as ‘servants’ and ‘housemaids;’ indicating these are derogatory terms and the international human rights organizations uses the term ‘domestic workers’ instead of calling them ‘housemaids.’

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Ban on domestic helpers from 12 countries

May 23, 20150

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Indian embassy steps in protect rights of housemaids in Kuwait

November 6, 20140

As women too begin joining the Punjabi workforce in Kuwait to work as housemaids, the Indian embassy has stepped in to ensure that the recent incidents of women being denied their basic rights are checked. As a step in this direction, prospective sponsors will have to give a bank guarantee of a sum equivalent to US $ 2,500 for employing an Indian woman domestic servant. Continue Reading &raquo

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