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BSK Carnival #kuwait #q8 #bsk

August 27, 20140 Comments


96 Hours Limited Time Offer by Air Arabia – Fly to seleted destinations from 15 KD #Kuwait #q8 #airarabia

August 27, 20145 Comments


For many more various offers in Kuwait CLICK ME

Only in Photoshop two moons can appear in sky on 27the August #moon #mars

August 26, 20141 Comment

hoazeEvery August e-mails and different posts in social media circulate which suggest we are about to have a close encounter with Mars. All of these stories are just HOAX. Continue Reading &raquo

Video – Kuwait in 1970 #kuwait #q8

August 25, 20141 Comment

Samsung UHD 105S9 Series Curved Smart TV of 38,999.900 KWD in Al Ghanim Excite #kuwait #q8 #samsung

August 25, 20140 Comments

Few days before I had shared with you a mistake done by Al Ghanim Excite in price tag of a TV. As per me it was suppose to be 3,899.900 KWD instead of 38,999.900 KWD but at end I found that I have done a major mistake :-( infact the price was 100% correct. The price of this TV of 105 inches “Samsung UHD 105S9 Series Curved Smart TV” are really of 38,999.900 KWD equivalent to 137,256/- USD. Read below to find what features made it of this amount.

BY THE WAY SHORRRY AL GHANIM EXCITE :-( for any inconvenience caused.

Continue Reading &raquo


August 23, 20140 Comments

unnamedTACK serves the perfect mix of action-packed cricket over the INDEPENDENCE weekend Continue Reading &raquo

Suicide attempt at Gulf Street #kuwait #q8 #sucide

August 22, 20148 Comments

The cops were telling him think about your mom and sisters, and that got him really mad so they changed the subject to have a cigarette and calm down, they asked him if he needed anything, then the video ended. I don’t think he committed suicide.
Quoted from

PEACE day in Support of Peace One Day in Kuwait #kuwait #q8

August 22, 20140 Comments

ami Continue Reading &raquo

NKPIS Toastmasters Club #kuwait #q8

August 19, 20140 Comments


Strong Earthquake around Kuwait #kuwait #q8

August 18, 20140 Comments

Strong mag. 6.1 earthquake – Iran-Iraq Border Region on Monday, 18 August 2014

Aug 18 , around 5:30am
Magnitude: 6.0
Depth: 10.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 32.79°N / 47.73°E


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