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Camel attack on American Soldiers in Kuwait #kuwait #q8

September 16, 20146 Comments

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Mini Cooper GP Test Drive near 360 Mall #kuwait #q8

September 16, 20140 Comments

23 Memories Every 90’s Kid Growing Up In The Middle East #kuwait #q8 #uae

September 16, 20141 Comment

This list of ‘been there-seen that’ will remind you that you are truly from that glorious time – the 90’s. For the ones who missed out, this is your chance to discover what it was like for a 90’s kid growing up in the Middle East!

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1. This was a very common sight on TV.

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Welcome Video – U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait @USEmbassyQ8 #kuwait #usa

September 15, 20140 Comments

Bahrain’s Gulf Air to Kuwait from Istanbul #kuwait #turkey #gulfair

September 15, 20142 Comments

gulfairGulf Air, the national carrier of Bahrain on Monday announced it will run twice weekly services between Kuwait City and the Turkish city of Istanbul in response to increased demand from Kuwait. Continue Reading &raquo

ISIS is double than number of Kuwait’s army (Via Kuwait Times)

September 15, 20149 Comments

Photo Credit : The Guardians

ISIS forces have in a short period of time tripled to 30,000.

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No compound names for newborns (via Kuwait Times)

September 15, 20144 Comments

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has started shortening names on the new smart civil IDs. A meeting between the three institutions in charge – Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, and PACI – also resulted in taking a decision to ban parents giving compound names to their children.

This decision hasn’t been approved yet by the Cabinet, but PACI, which is responsible for issuing civil IDs, is already shortening names so they are no longer than four names.

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1st IBAK GCC invitational tournament to be held in Kuwait #kuwait #q8

September 14, 20140 Comments

n1st IBAK GCC invitational tournament to be held in Kuwait . For details please contact Yashin Bose – 65583588

In 2025 Kuwait would be at 9th among highest GDP countries #kuwait #q8

September 14, 20142 Comments

bAccording to the Economist Intelligence Unit, In 2025 Kuwait would be at 9th among highest GDP countries. Continue Reading &raquo

UAE and Kuwait have highest food security levels in region

September 14, 20140 Comments

The UAE and Kuwait enjoy the highest levels of food security in the region, says a new report. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Food Security Index for this year included both countries for the first time. The report ranks the UAE and Kuwait at positions 30 and 28 in the world respectively, and at third and second places respectively in the region. Continue Reading &raquo

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