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Transfer from visit visa to family visa

September 17, 20177 Comments

I have been with my wife and daughter in Kuwait for the past 3 years. I would like to bring my son who is in India on visit visa. Can I change his visa to family visa after he enters Kuwait? My son age: 2 years one month by the time he reaches Kuwait. My salary: KD 800.
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Transfer from Government project visa to Private sector visa

July 13, 20170 Comments

I am an engineering graduate and came to Kuwait on a government project engineer’s visa. I have completed 3 yrs and want to join a new company that does not have a government project visa and have only private sector visas.

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Transfer residence from factory visa to company visa

November 6, 20160 Comments

I have been working in a well known company for the past one and half years.

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Work permits transfer in 300 KD

June 9, 201648 Comments

The Public Authority for Manpower is considering allowing the transfer of work permits for laborers of the agricultural, industrial, shepherding and fishing sectors with the approval of their sponsors.

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Transfer from Government Project Visa to Private Sector

May 10, 201612 Comments

We have answered a number of similar questions and in a lot of detail of the last few months.

Quoted from Arabtimes

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No stoppage of visa transfers

December 16, 20150 Comments

As per Kuwait Times, authority will not suspend visa transfers this year in view of the automated system Continue Reading &raquo

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