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Tips on How to Avoid Becoming a Victim in Kuwait

July 30, 20151 Comment

The best practice to avoid being a victim is to maintain vigilance, remain alert, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. U.S. citizens must practice personal security, maintain a low profile, and vary routes/times for travel, thus avoiding predictable schedules. Continue Reading &raquo

Police Response in Kuwait (via OSAC)

July 30, 20150 Comments

article-0-178F8BF4000005DC-944_634x422Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) maintains a visible police profile with uniformed and plainclothes officers deployed in key locations for response and deterrence. Continue Reading &raquo

High incidences areas of Kuwait in crime rate according to OSAC

July 30, 20151 Comment

map_of_kuwait_1_-553x497Although several districts in Kuwait City are known to have high incidences of crime, Continue Reading &raquo

Road Safety and Road Conditions of Kuwait

July 30, 20150 Comments

project_65Apart from periodic sandstorms and rain, road conditions and weather are favorable most of the year, but drivers must remain on the defensive and alert to the hazards posed by others Continue Reading &raquo

Overall Crime and Safety Situation of Kuwait

July 30, 20150 Comments

crimeitled Continue Reading &raquo

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