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Kuwait ready for reopening of schools

April 23, 20210 Comments

 Education Minister Ali Al-Mudhaf on Thursday affirmed the resumption of study at schools from September through a well-studied plan for the safety of students in all grades. Regular study at schools has been suspended for more than a year across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Kuwaiti woman slain in public

April 22, 20210 Comments

The Sabah Al-Salem district witnessed a horrific murder in which a 32-yearold Kuwaiti woman was stabbed to death by a 30-year-old compatriot male in front of her sister and daughter and ‘threw’ her in front of the Adan Hospital and fled.

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Above 65 can get COVID-19 vaccine without prior appointment

April 21, 20210 Comments

The spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al Sanad, announced on Tuesday that all citizens and residents above the age of 65 can head to the vaccination centres and get vaccinated without a prior appointment.

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Unpaid expat gets cash exceeding his one year salary

April 21, 20210 Comments

A large number of citizens visited the school where the alleged oppressed security guard works, and gave him sums of money which exceeded the money owed to him by the company.

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The reason behind spread of coronavirus in Kuwait

April 20, 20211 Comment

The Ministry of Health is conducting epidemiological investigations on the number of coronavirus cases recorded daily, taking into consideration that the number of new cases continues to increase although the number of infections due to gatherings and social events has decreased since the beginning of Ramadan compared to the previous months, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources.

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Philippines officially lifts ban on sending domestic workers to Kuwait

April 18, 20210 Comments

The Philippines officially announced lifting of ban on sending domestic workers to Kuwait. A circular was issued by Nasser Mustafa, the labor attaché at the Philippine embassy in Kuwait addressing the recruitment offices in the country to reopen the doors for the recruitment of Filipino domestic workers based on the instructions of the Philippine Labor Minister Silvester H Bello III.

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Expats (non-vaccinated) have higher ICU numbers in Kuwait

April 17, 20210 Comments

Expatriates and people who haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 have the highest numbers among hospitalized and ICU patients in Kuwait, head of the higher COVID-19 committee Dr Khaled Al-Jarallah said yesterday.

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Restaurants and cafes – Fourth phase precautionary measures

August 16, 20200 Comments

Regarding the opening of restaurants and cafes for customers, all previous conditions must be adhered to, with the following commitment:

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Inbound flights … end of August

June 9, 20201 Comment

Amid anticipation of return back to normal life plan in stages well-informed sources revealed that expats with valid residence will be allowed to return likely in late August with the completion of the fifth stage of the plan.

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Plan completed to resume the commercial flights at Kuwait Airport

June 9, 20200 Comments

The official spokesperson of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Eng Saad Al-Otaibi says DGCA has completed a plan to resume commercial flights at Kuwait International Airport, specifying the responsibilities of passengers and air transportation companies, and the nature of the logistical work of government and private agencies operating at the airport.

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