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Kuwait MOI employs Bengladeshi

July 20, 20160 Comments

Contrary to what has been shown on the social media, the Minister of Interior employs skilled blue collar Bengali workers to carry out manual labor requirements of the Ministry excluding security and police work, a ministry statement said on Wednesday.

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Medical Center of 120 Clinics in Farwaniya

July 19, 20160 Comments

Medical Center of 120 Clinics in Farwaniya which will be the biggest Medical Center of the Gulf, in 2017.

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Age limit set to applying driving license

July 13, 20162 Comments

Ministry of Interior is considering the possibility of implementing a new regulation for young Kuwaiti citizens who commit three or more traffic violations, whereby they will be able to apply for license only after they reach 21 years of age instead of 18.

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Kuwait said to face terror attack

July 3, 20164 Comments

At a time when many countries in the region are anxious and watchful about possible terrorist attacks.

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Residency fees and Traffic fines

June 28, 20161 Comment

It’s almost certain there won’t be any increase in residency fees or traffic fines this year, reports Al-Rai daily.

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Kuwait to invest in Pakistan

June 28, 20162 Comments

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Balochistan government and a Kuwaiti Investor Company “Ener Tech” in Quetta on Thursday.

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435 teachers referred to for compulsory retirement

June 27, 20161 Comment

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced Sunday its decision to refer 435 public school teachers – 258 Kuwaitis and 157 expatriates – for compulsory retirement as their years of service will reach 34 by the fifth of next month.

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Rents may go down by 25 percent in Kuwait

June 27, 20161 Comment

There are indications that the rents of investment apartments will reduce by 25 percent before the end of this year due to several factors including the slump in the real estate sector during the summer season, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting sources from the real-estate sector.

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Kuwait Visa for Parents

June 24, 201611 Comments

I would like to know about the eligibility and procedure for applying for a Medical Treatment Visa for parents who are older than 50 years. And if the visa is granted what will be the duration of their stay in Kuwait?

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Kuwait Central Jail caught Fire

June 24, 20161 Comment

kuwait jail caught fire

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