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Upcoming lighting Effects on Avenues 4 , Kuwait

February 9, 20151 Comment

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Huge Fight in Avenues , Kuwait .

October 8, 201414 Comments

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International Street Show Performers in The Avenues @the_avenues #kuwait #q8

August 14, 20142 Comments


The 2nd Annual Carnival will kick off today Thursday effectively at Noon and for a period of 17 days in all different districts at The Avenues, featuring a group of international street show performers from nine different nationalities to include Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Continue Reading &raquo

Avenues Carnival @the_avenues #Kuwait #q8

August 14, 20140 Comments


Three-wheeled SE-3 Patroller for police in Avenues @the_avenues #theavenues #Kuwait #q8

June 14, 20140 Comments


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