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Indemnity Calculator as per Kuwait Law
Beta Version

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    • The worker deserves 15 days indemnity during the first five years, and increases to one month after the first five years.
    • An employee who resigns, but does not complete three years with the employer, does not deserve an indemnity.
    • But if the employee completes three to five years and resigns, the employee then deserves half of the indemnity, if he completes five to 10 years, then he deserves two-thirds of the indemnity.
    • If the worker completes 10 years of work then resigns, he deserves full indemnity which is one month salary for each year spent at work, according to Article 51 of Labor Law in the private sector, and should not exceed 18 months.

What is Remuneration ?

“Remuneration means the basic payment the worker receives or should receive in consideration of his work in addition to all the elements stipulated in the contract or the employer by-laws. “Without prejudice to the social allowance and the children’s allowance granted by the virtue of Law 19 of the year 2000, the remuneration shall include the payments made to the worker on periodic basis such as bonuses, benefits, allowances, grants, endowments or cash benefits”. According to the Kuwait Labor Law, must be calculated according to your remuneration and not on your basic pay.

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  2. Mirza says:

    for one year service how much amount to be deducted.

    Salary KD350

  3. lito limatog says:

    how much my indemnity on completed 5 years on my previous company. my salary is 185 k.d. for 12 hours duty until completing my 5 years contract.

  4. Mirza says:

    staff salary 615 worked 20.5 years.

    1st five years comes 1774.038

    2nd Step (18-5) = 13 * 615 = 7995

    balance 2.5 * 615 = 1537.5

    Total = 11306.538 is it correct calculation for 18 years Indemnity or not.

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  6. Mirza says:

    if the employee terminated within three years, will he get the Indemnity or not?

  7. Sonu says:

    In this calculator, why it shows different amount by asking “Did you resign or not?”.How does this make difference in amount?

  8. Evan says:

    Does it applicable to visa article 20?

  9. Dahanayake says:

    I am still working private company 15year now I want give resignation then I found new company pls I want know how much I can get indeminiy

  10. ayyappan says:

    my company contract finished on December2017.i have 6 years service in my salary first 3 years 120. second 2 years 133 .last 1 year140.please answer me how much coming my service money.?

  11. Your calculator is wrong, correct it.

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  13. Some companies did not follow this law,feeling.dissapointed ;-( feel upset on the result after we many years end up that we did not received the correct counting.of the indemnity..

  14. If you Are finish within 3years may be you got only 176.223 kd if I'm not mistake

  15. many employer r not follow the law..i don't know y..

  16. My company is forcing me to sign court paper before they settle my finances. Could you please help on what I should do

  17. If resigned immediately after 3 years how much I Can earn

  18. 20 yrs of experience and become sick , and died . Is she eligible for the indemnity?

  19. 20 yrs of experience and become sick , and died . Is she eligible for the indemnity?

  20. Calculation is wrong. Example a person earns 80 kwd , worked for 18 years.

    80 * 2.5 = 200 ( 1 – 5 years )
    80 * 13 = 1040 ( 5 – 18 years )

    Total —– 1240 .

    The app calculates 1270.769 . Which is totally wrong. Its my believe that they have taken 26 days as a whole month which is wrong.

  21. Good day may I ask I work only one year in a private company but I like to go to another company do I get indemnity too…and did they give me realese?

  22. I am completed 3years i am eleigble for remuneration

  23. If the worker completes 10 years of work then resigns, he deserves full indemnity which is one month salary for each year spent at work, according to Article 51 of Labor Law in the private sector, and should not exceed 18 months.

  24. it will be on the last salary

  25. I had salary 45 kid from 2006 -2008, 50 for 2009-2010, 60 kwd for 2010 -2012, 80 kwd for 2013,100kwd for 2014, 120 kwd for 2015 and 140 kwd for 2016.

  26. Who follow this law? jungle, According to the color

  27. Noor Robin says:

    can i know about residens is 1992 to still now can i know about ministry………?

  28. Our company give 3 to 5 year service only 25% Means 7 days for Year

  29. Our company give 3 to 5 year service only 25% Means 7 days for Year

  30. ministry of information no indemonoty.bcz ministry say we r" aamel wakhra"

  31. Good action,,if its happen

  32. This calculator is wrong

  33. I have completed 7 years and soon after getting a salary increase and i resign, will my indeminity be calculated with new salary or old salary

  34. what happens to unused vacation days if i am terminated.

  35. Is my housing allowance included in my indemnity?

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