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Three died on their way from Kuwait

January 10, 20180

Three Emirati football fans were killed in a horrific accident on the highway linking Kuwait and the city of Dammam in Saudi Arabia.

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Indians without Aadhar card face problem

January 9, 20180

A large number of overseas Indians have been making representations about facing difficulty in operating their mobile connections procured in India as the telecom operators are insisting on linking Aadhaar number with the mobile number. As most of them do not possess Aadhaar Card, they are unable to link their Indian mobile number with the Aadhaar number.

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Indian won equal to 410000 KWD

December 5, 20170

An Indian expatriate has won Dh5 million (410840.340 KWD) in Abu Dhabi Duty Free’s Big Ticket draw held on Tuesday.

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Must Read, How Money Makes People Act Less Human – Egyptian sentenced to death

November 19, 20170

The Criminal Court of Menia, Egypt has sentenced to death by hanging the Egyptian who is suspected of murdering a Kuwaiti woman and her Saudi mother, reports Al- Anba daily. The court will look into the case of other accused in the case in January 2018 – the wife and brother of the accused.

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30 Men arrested from Airport

November 3, 20170

Thirty men planning to travel from Mumbai to Kuwait were arrested at the Mumbai international airport by the police when it was found that their tickets and visas were fake. The men had come from Siddharth Nagar in Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai.

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Drug dealers are mixing ‘Zombie Drug’

October 6, 20170

Drug dealers are mixing cocaine with the infamous ‘Zombie Drug’ flakka and selling it to unsuspecting people, the psychiatrist who heads a private crisis resolution team has warned. 

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Video – Las Vegas under attack

October 3, 20170

Officials in Las Vegas are providing an update at a press conference now. The official death toll is now at 59, and police say 527 people have been injured.

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Social Media game “Blue Whale”, reason of more than 130 suicides across the world

July 17, 20170

What kind of game is it which urges the kids to suicide, after the news from some unofficial sources of a suicide in Kuwait due to game called “Blue Whale” but so far this news has not yet confirmed by any official media except a line in arabtimes which has just talked about suicide “A 14-year old Bedoun youth committed suicide inside his family home in Taima area.” and the reason is being investigated.

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Video – Snowfall in KSA

February 2, 20170

Snowfall in Saudia Arabia

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Kuwaiti ancient manuscript worth millions of dollars

December 24, 20160

Iraqi Police find a map that was stolen from Kuwait during the Gulf War that returns to the time of Prophet Sulaiman and it will be returned to the National Museum.

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