According to Al-Anba “Experts say no vaccine for Corona before 2036”

May 2, 20200 Comments

Although Chinese scientists have claimed that a vaccine against the emerging Coronavirus may be available this summer, experts have said that a vaccine for the virus will take longer, but rather those who asserted, “We will not see a vaccine against Covid-19 before 2036,” according to the Irish edition.

Source : AlAnba

Traditionally, effective vaccine production takes more than a decade, from research, to clinical trials, to manufacturing, and to distribution.
Timelines created by the New York Times show that with all the typical research and approvals it will take about 16 years before a successful vaccine is widely available.

The WHO says, “Ideally, controlling this new disease may be difficult two or three years before the vaccine is introduced to obtain consistent baseline data on disease incidence, mortality, and epidemiological patterns.”

Source : AlAnba

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