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No health fee rise to KD 130 prior to 2020

November 21, 20170 Comments

Chief Executive Officer of the Health Assurance Hospitals Company — Dhaman, Dr Ahmed Al-Saleh denied rumors circulated on social media alleging health insurance fee will be increased to KD 130 from early next year. Dr Al-Saleh noted it is impossible to increase insurance fee before inaugurating the Dhaman hospitals in 2020.

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Revoke implementation of new health service fees for expats

October 17, 20170 Comments

Kuwait Society for Human Rights (KHRS) has issued a statement imploring the Ministry of Health to revoke implementation of the new health service fees for expatriates, reports Al-Rai daily.

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Fees for health services for foreigners

July 28, 20160 Comments

MP Khalil Saleh said the government has approved his proposal to impose fees for health services provided to foreigners who entered Kuwait on visit visa.

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Increase of 15 percent in fees for medical examinations of expats (Proposal)

June 22, 20151 Comment

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Health charges on expats who arrive in Kuwait on visit visas (Via Arabtimes)

June 22, 20150 Comments

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Medical fees for expats may rise in Kuwait

April 4, 20150 Comments

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