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Kuwait has most powerful plans in Gulf

February 27, 20180 Comments

Recent report of the City Group indicates Kuwait has one of the most powerful financial plans in the Gulf, and the country’s financial reserve is worth $400 billion through funds accumulated since 1985.

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Roads to close on 5th December 2017

December 4, 20170 Comments

The Interior Ministry announced Sunday that some roads will blocked on Tuesday due to the arrival of several delegations partaking in the 38th Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) Summit.

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Gulf countries to improve domestic workers’ condition

December 6, 20143 Comments


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Rethinking sponsorship system

December 1, 20141 Comment

The sponsorship (kafala) system in the Gulf needs a good dust-off to provide workers and employers alike protection from fraud and abuses. Continue Reading &raquo

GCC Railway from Kuwait to Muscat , Kuwait

November 13, 2014115 Comments

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What is Ebola Virus ? #kuwait #q8 #ebolavirus #ebola

August 27, 20140 Comments

The Health Ministry recently passed a special plan to fight the Ebola virus that was based on recommendations made during the GCC health ministers’ coordination meeting. VIA KUWAIT TIMES

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