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Churches in Kuwait to keep low profile

December 17, 20160 Comments

At a time when churches in Kuwait and other parts of the world are preparing for Christmas, a suicide bomber identified as Abu Abdullah al-Masri recently detonated an explosive belt inside the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo, killing dozens of peaceful worshippers, reports Arab Times daily.

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Christmas Fiesta | Events in Kuwait

December 4, 20150 Comments

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Santa at Cozmo Discovery , Kuwait

December 15, 20140 Comments

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Christmas Charity Concert , Kuwait

December 13, 20140 Comments

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End of the year 2014 – Gift Bazaar

November 29, 20140 Comments

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Family Seasonal Concert , Kuwait

November 19, 20140 Comments

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Christmas Bazaar by BLSK , Kuwait

November 12, 20140 Comments

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Advent Cafe & Bazaar , Kuwait

October 30, 20140 Comments

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Gift Bazaar , Kuwait

October 10, 20140 Comments

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Christmas Kids Party , Kuwait

October 10, 20140 Comments

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