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Asian lady arrested

October 2, 20160 Comments

Two Asian expatriates were arrested in possession of drugs. According to security sources, when Drugs Control General Department received information about two Asian expatriates involved in selling drugs, a team was formed to monitor the suspects.

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Two Pakistanis & one Srilankan arrested for killing an asian woman & burning her dead body in Jleeb

June 7, 20162 Comments

A Srilankan expatriate was arrested for murdering an Asian woman and burning her corpse with the help of a compatriot and two Pakistani expatriates last January.

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100-day probation period would be mandatory

October 6, 20150 Comments

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Flight to home, 21 days paid leave for hajj for workers in Kuwait

October 6, 20150 Comments

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Companies will no longer allowed to withhold passports in Kuwait

October 6, 20150 Comments

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The table of penalties for violating workers , Kuwait ( Article 35 )

May 8, 20151 Comment

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Accommodation for workers in Kuwait ( Article 34 )

May 8, 20158 Comments


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100 days Probation period of the worker, Kuwait ( Article 32 )

May 8, 201512 Comments

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Lady fell down/jump out from the second floor

May 4, 20152 Comments

Entitles to 21 days leave with pay to perform Hajj ( Article 76 )

April 13, 20152 Comments

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