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Most of the death occurred in Kuwait in months of January & February

November 28, 20140

Most of the death occurred in Kuwait in months of January & February  I guess, I must correct the sentence with “Most of the death occurred in THE WORLD in months of January & February”  Continue Reading &raquo

Kuwait world’s third most expensive city #kuwait #q8 #uae

July 30, 20140

Balancing the Accounts Continue Reading &raquo

Kuwait ranked on 3rd among most expensive market for hotel #kuwait #q8

June 3, 20140

Via Bloodberg
The three cities rank among the most expensive markets for hotel rooms, according to an index compiled by Bloomberg. In Geneva, the average cost for a night is $308, followed by Dubai at $273, Kuwait City at $253 and Zurich at $250. Miami is next as the costliest place for lodging in the U.S., at $245 a night.

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