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Persian Gulf War

January 17, 20151 Comment

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Gulf Run – Race Market , Kuwait

December 10, 20140 Comments


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Gulf countries to improve domestic workers’ condition

December 6, 20143 Comments


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Gulf countries have agreed on the provisions of a unified Gulf contract for domestic helpers , Kuwait

November 25, 201437 Comments

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GCC Railway from Kuwait to Muscat , Kuwait

November 13, 2014113 Comments

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Suicide attempt at Gulf Street #kuwait #q8 #sucide

August 22, 20148 Comments

The cops were telling him think about your mom and sisters, and that got him really mad so they changed the subject to have a cigarette and calm down, they asked him if he needed anything, then the video ended. I don’t think he committed suicide.
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Kuwait, among the best countries to work in Gulf #kuwait #q8 #gulf

July 22, 20144 Comments

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