Worried about token Migration during Mainnet Launches and ERC-20 tokens swaps – Huobi is here for you

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Worried about token Migration during Mainnet Launches and ERC-20 tokens swaps – Huobi is here for you!!!!

Are you a token holder of Tron and ONT?

Are you worried about the token swap of your coins stored in your private wallet when mainnet is launched ?

Fear not !!!  Huobi will be there for you

Mainnet !!  What is it ?

When a New project is launched, majority of them will not be having their own Mainnet/ Blockchain. In simple terms they must depend upon another blockchain to run their own native tokens. In majority of the cases most of the project will be launched as an ERC20 based token which will be running on Ethereum blockchain. Once the project stabilizes or gain more traction it’s the natural course to launch their own blockchain for the journey ahead.

From an investor perspective it’s important for a project to have its own blockchain. Its shows

  • Development is on track.
  • The team is serious about the future of the project as mentioned in the whitepaper
  • Increase in the value of the tokens thereby increasing the ROI on investments

Sounds cool, so what is this Token swap?

Token/Coin Swap is the mechanism employed to move cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to another at a pre-determined rate. As the mainnet goes live, the tokens on the initial blockchain will not be compatible with the new one, it becomes necessary to initiate a swap to carry users from the old blockchain to the new one

Oh, sound concerning. As a token holder what should I do?

Its very simple. All you must do is to Deposit your tokens in your personal wallets to Huobi and you are done! That’s all you need to do to get your native tokens. Huobi will deal with everything else.


Sound great. Will Huobi will be supporting the upcoming Tron and ONT ?


TRON has launched its mainnet on May 31 and token migration is expected be on June 21. Huobi has already announced that it would support the TRON blockchain upgrade and token migration. All Investors must do is to deposit TRX’s ERC-20 tokens to Huobi before June 26, 2018 (UTC+8) and will receive the equivalent TRX token after mainnet launch.

There are lot of buzz in the Tron community regarding the mainnet launch as the community feels it’s the first step of Tron to be a dominant player for content creation and gaming industry. It has already launched Super Representative program where 27 SRs will be elected, laying the foundation for a self-governed community with a general election.

Ontology’s MainNet will go live at the 30th June 2018. After the release all NEP-5 ONT must complete mapping to migrate to the Ontology Main Net. On 11th June Huobi announced  that they will be supporting the ONT token swap. The coin swap for ONT Mainnet will continue for three months, from July 1st to October 1st (GMT+8).

Ontology is a distributed trust collaboration platform, and one of the most sought out public multi-chain project in the crypto world. Recently they have announced the tie up with CarBlock, a transport system solution provider based on blockchain and smart contracts as well as with Points (PTS), a blockchain-based credit service network to launch Ontology-based platform to implement various functions such as financial technology products, credit data exchange, credit analysis models, and much more


Well there are lot of exchange offering the same service why should I do with Huobi ?

Sounds fair. Lets me give you some points

  • Huobi Pro will perform all the EOS ERC20 and NEP – 5 based chain-swap to the Mainnet token automatically. You can just relax.
  • There is no restriction to trade, so you will not miss out on any short-term trading opportunities arises due to the mainnet launch
  • Best reason among the lot unlike any other exchanges, for deposit of 300 USD and above , you will be able to share airdrops worth 5000 USD

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