World Tallest Building in Kuwait

September 8, 201413 Comments

Burj Mubarak Al-Kabir coming up in the City of Silk or Madinat al-Hareer. This city outside a city is coming up in Kuwait. Burj Mubarak Al-Kabir will stand 1,001 meters (3,284 ft).

The State of Kuwait is on a steady track to achieve the noble desire of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to transform Kuwait into an international trade and financial hub and to achieve Kuwait’s Vision 2035. The “Silk City” Project is spearheading the Vision of Kuwait 2035 and considered the largest marine front project that will bring Kuwait back on the world map of tourism and investment. Arabtimes

Madinat al-Hareer (meaning “City of Silk“), is a proposed 250 square kilometer planned urban area in Subiya, Kuwait, an area just opposite Kuwait City which, upon construction. The area will include Burj Mubarak al-Kabir witch will stand at 1,001 m tall almost twice the height of Taipei 101, officially still the world’s tallest building.

Height 1,001 m (3,284 ft)
Height to roof 900 m
Height to top floor 897 m
Floors 250burj

Madinat al-Hareer  is a proposed 250 km2 (62,000-acre) planned urban area in Subiya, northern Kuwait. Upon construction, it would include the Burj Mubarak al-Kabir, a nature reservation of 2 square kilometres, a duty-free area which will be beside a new airport, in addition to a large business center, conference areas, environmental areas, athletic areas, and areas that concentrate on media, health, education, and industry. The City of Silk will also include numerous tourist attractions, hotels, spas, and public gardens. The city will be built in individual phases with total completion within twenty-five years. The development will cost an estimated 25 billion Kuwaiti Dinars (94 billion USD). In May 2014, the Silk City project was on hold.


In June 2014, the Kuwaiti government approved a decree creating a body in charge of developing Silk City and Boubyan Island. Kuwait also signed a cooperation agreement with China for developing Silk City and its economic belt.  On June 3 2014, Silk City’s final masterplan was approved, the new Silk City masterplan replaces previous proposals. The Jaber Causeway (bridge that links Kuwait City to Silk City) is currently under construction.

Tallest completed buildings in Kuwait (Via WikiPedia)

Rank Name Height (meters) Floors City Use Built
1 Al Hamra Tower 413 m (1,355 ft) 80 Kuwait City Office 2011
2 Arraya 2 300 m (980 ft) 60 Kuwait City Office 2009
3 United Tower 240 m (790 ft) 60 Kuwait City Mixed Use 2011
4 Al Tijaria Tower 218 m (715 ft) 41 Kuwait City Office 2009
5 Abdul Aziz Al Babtain Cultural Waqf 189 m (620 ft) 42 Kuwait City Office 2010
6 Business Town Tower 5 184 m (604 ft) 39 Kuwait City Office 2011
7 Dar Al Awadi 171 m (561 ft) 35 Kuwait City Office 2005
8 Panasonic Tower 167 m (548 ft) 34 Kuwait City Office 2009
10 Al Jon Tower 160 m (520 ft) 40 Kuwait City Office 2007
11 Al Jawhara Tower 160 m (520 ft) 27 Kuwait City Office 2008
12 Arabiya Tower 150 m (490 ft) 34 Kuwait City Office 2009


Tallest Under constructions Buildings in Kuwait. (Via Wikipedia)

Rank Name Height (meters) Floors City Use Completion
1 Gate of Kuwait Tower 330 m (1,080 ft) 80 Kuwait City Mixed Use 2015
2 NBK Tower 300 m (980 ft) 70 Kuwait City Office 2014
3 Central Bank of Kuwait 240 m (790 ft) 42 Kuwait City Office 2013
4 Crystal Tower (Kuwait) 207 m (679 ft) 52 Kuwait City Office 2013

Tallest Approved Buildings in Kuwait. (Via Wikipedia)

Rank Name Height (meters) Floors City Use Completion
1 The Square Capital Tower 376 m (1,234 ft) 70 Kuwait City Mixed Use On Hold
2 Intercontinental Hotel and Tower 225 m (738 ft) 66 Kuwait City Mixed Use On Hold
3 25th February Tower 170 m (560 ft) 37 Kuwait City Office On Hold
4 Business Town Tower 6 168 m (551 ft) 35 Kuwait City Office On Hold

Tallest Approved Buildings in Kuwait. (Via Wikipedia)

Rank Name Height (meters) Floors City Use
1 Burj Mubarak Al Kabir 1,001 m (3,284 ft) 234 Madinat al-Hareer Mixed Use
2 Kuwait Investment Authority Headquarters 220 m (720 ft) 50 Kuwait City Office
3 Kuwait Commercial Tower 220 m (720 ft) 38 Kuwait City Office
4 Al Sharq Office Building 180 m (590 ft) Kuwait City Office
5 Montana Hotel 166 m (545 ft) 36 Kuwait City Hotel

Tallest Structures in Kuwait (Via WikiPedia)

Rank Name Height (meters) City Use Completion
1 Liberation Tower 372 m (1,220 ft) Kuwait City Communication 1996
2 Kuwait Towers 187 m (614 ft) Kuwait City Communication 1979
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    God bless Kuwait. And this project.
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