Woman goes ‘mad’ at Kuwait airport

February 7, 201537 Comments

An Asian housemaid travelling out of Kuwait’s airport suddenly ran amok and started screaming and spitting, forcing passengers to run away.A YouTube film carried by a Kuwaiti TV channel showed the maid kneeling down, hitting the ground and screaming. A man believed to be an airport security tried to calm her but she lunged forward and spat at him before turning back. “Passengers were frightened and walked away…the maid was later caught by security men and calmed down,” Kuwait’s daily ‘Alanba’ said, quoting the TV channel.


1: Kuwait opens shelter for ‘runaway maids’
2: Indian embassy steps in protect rights of housemaids in Kuwait
3: 64 Indian Female Workers Transferred to Shelter in Kuwait
4: Visit visas free for 3 months in a year (via Arabtimes)

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  1. That must be one of her most eased moments after slavery or a narrow escape from the said to be most tochering Dangeons or rather prisons but any way, may the almight God nature her soul to recovering and she gets back to her normal sense of understanding which was provocked and abused.SHES JST EXCITED AND CAN'T BELIEVE SHES GOIN BACK HOME WHERE HER RIGHTS ARE NOT DENIED.People rejoice in different ways!!!!!

  2. TyriL GarWiN i dont generalize.. and why are you reacting? did i hit you? are you one of those guys? if not you should shut your mouth. im talking of what i see and hear. if you dont see and hear these stories from your countrymen, well good for you.

  3. AbdulWahab Al Derbas maybe your citizen dont experience those treatment but this is the reality only those educated arabs are concerned and treat their house workers as human. the reason they dont give salary is because they said (masters) they bought their kadamas from agencies. this is slavery and these people still living in slavery. a lot of kadamas story the family they work for dont give them food what they do to survive is to eat the left overs on the garbage. its hard to believe but its true.

  4. AbdulWahab Al Derbas rape is not only 10% go to philippine emabassy everyday more than 3 run for help.

  5. How sad… God bless you.

  6. Firstly that's not ur face. 2ndly pretty stupid for someone to behave that way when they are EXITING the country. Stop generalizing. Agree with Abdulwahab. Were u Ill treated? Don't see what objective u are accomplishing by saying such things. The main people who deserve to punished are the agencies and the exporting country's government for not ensuring the safety of their citizens . Right ?

  7. Not maybe , for sure she is possessed . None does this because of insanity and the point is later she calm down .

  8. most maids are abused thats for sure, but raped, no salary and starved.. well im pretty sure it exists but thats gotta be somewhere around 10%

  9. Only God knows wat happen 2 her…..poor lady..

  10. I think she is a victim of black magic..

  11. O my god !!! maybe she abused, that'swhy she become crazy.

  12. This is only may be bcoz jinn has entr her body or suddenly y she will behave like tht in public

  13. TyriL GarWiN you can see on her action what they did to her.

  14. TyriL GarWiN dont look at my face. but really these things happen because of those reasons,

  15. Looks like a case of possession? No a believer in ghosts but this might be the first case caught on video.

  16. Just can't take u seriously with Mr bean's Dp.

  17. Ali Saigh says:

    They published in media witout telling the reason..Onse there was a man in similar case on my flight from Jeddah- Bahrain – india..he turned to people saying. Did I came here like this 5 years ago ?? ,.

  18. Haram because she nid hellp so some one to hellp dis lady

  19. do you think it will happen to her if she was treated humane?

  20. do you think it will happen to her if she was treated humane?

  21. abused, raped, no salary and starved. great kuwaiti created her.

  22. maybe she's a witch…………

  23. Ungry,nid chapati kimha

  24. why we always initially say kuwaitis or arabs done very bad to all kinds of kadama..is it bcoz they are kadama only and arabs are all high profile people in the earth..i believe that was not said in any scripture of muslim belief and any other religion as well as in catholics.

  25. The things that happen to some of these women there is horrendous! For sur she was sexually abused!!

  26. The things that happen to some of these women there is horrendous! For sur she was sexually abused!!

  27. Maybe she was abused that's why she went crazy..poor lady 🙁

  28. Maybe she's possessed

  29. Maybe she was abused that's why she went crazy..poor lady 🙁

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