Video – Secret camera catches the disgusting moment of a maid in Kitchen in Kuwait

April 27, 201613 Comments

A maid is seen pouring her urine in her boss’s juice in Kuwait. The juice was ordered by the man of the house. 

According to reports, the family was wary of the maid owing to unexplained reasons and to monitor her activities, they had fitted a secret camera in the kitchen.

As seen in the video, the juice was being prepared by another maid who co-assisted the perpetrator in the kitchen. After the former is seen leaving, the maid takes out a jar from her trouser. The jar allegedly contained her urine. Being heedful of the situation, she is seen gradually pouring urine in juice glass.

Shocked by the undue event, the owner has warned the locals of such malicious attempts by maids.

Source : Daily

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  1. Congratulations your one of the million, winner

  2. every action has reaction.

  3. always treat people that handle your food with respect. Even waiters at restaurants can do this to your food…

  4. Why maids can do it if there employers are good.

  5. Rehan Khan says:

    if i have a shoebite i will not bite back the shoe rather ill change the shoe or ill prefer Slippers.

  6. Ali Laila says:

    An eye opener to all employers as will as employee at any given circumstances , everyone will learn from this video. THINK☺

  7. A revenge maybe to an employer… Who dont treat her well

  8. just wondering, how much anger there has be to take revenge like this.

  9. Qudai Ba says:

    The maid also human they need rest also , 2am they finished work after they go to bed.

  10. yes mostly housemaid doing same thing,, bec. thier employer are not t
    good,, so they revenge..

  11. Yeah if the employer is bad that's the time they will make like that

  12. This is not new case many maids cook doing this beceause off bad behave for employed

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