Two men sentenced to death for murdering in Shopping Mall in Kuwait

April 26, 201619 Comments

Two men sentenced to death for murdering in Shopping Mall in Kuwait

The Criminal Court convicted two men and sentenced them to death for murdering a young man at a shopping mall. The court also convicted a third accomplice and jailed him for life, while two others were given ten-year jail term, reported local Arabic daily Al-Qabas.

The Public Prosecution had charged them with conspiring and murdering the victim at a shopping mall.

Source : GD Online

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  1. No it happened in the avenues…and it wss a young Lebanese man that was stabbed to death over a parking disspute

  2. Can you give more details about the incident?

  3. Caesar Fernandes yet people come here… Why?
    cz it is compiled in one place and the interface is so user friendly in contrast to the news website in which people have to hunt for news in different sections.I understand there are patches of advertisment in between .. bas u need to look at it properly….

  4. Pulkit Sharma whats the point of giving updates when its impossible for the user to consume? Content is useless if the product serving it is unusable. and their not "his" updates. Their aggregated from other sources, which people can read from anywhere they want

  5. 0096597897661


  6. Yet people come here and checkout his posts for free, make comments for free and criticizes not to mention … for free (without thinking the guy operating this website gives his time, energy and money to deliver updates and posts to people so that they can be aware of things happening in kuwait)

  7. This case happened in marina mall…

  8. Where's the article? all i SEE are ads from adsense. I guess making a few cents / dollars is more important than responsible journalism.

  9. It has the worst experience of all blogs.

  10. Pretty sure itthe murder of man in Avenues mall a year (?) or more ago. There was an argument over a parking spot…. Seriously, a parking spot. The group, Kuwaitis and Bedoun, split up one half followed the victim the other went to Carrefour to buy a knife.

  11. Roseneth Yaplag i guss so too

  12. no details are given???

  13. I also agreed with you.

  14. I guess those are the ones who killed dentist doctor in Avenuess Mall over parking spot arguments

  15. tis page is more of adds then of information.. :O

  16. Mj Abueva says:

    Yeah you should put more details on your report,important details on making a report is missing.

  17. What was the nationality of murderer and what was the reason they murder a man

  18. This story needs more context. More facts. Like why did they kill him? What are their nationality?

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