The Divan’s Salon : Flowers for Algernon

March 22, 20160 Comments

The Divan Salon Flowers for Algernon

The bittersweet, award-winning short story of a man with low IQ who longs to be smart, and gets the opportunity to triple his intelligence through an experimental operation. Tracing his self-awareness and awakening through a series of journal entries, Flowers for Algernon raises several questions on emotion vs intellect, medical ethics, isolation, the complexities of human relationships and the intentions behind them.

Share your thoughts on this beautiful but tragic tale in The Divan’s upcoming discussion. Click here to read the short story.

Drinks and dessert options will be available from Q Cafe.

When: 7 PM – 9 PM Tuesday, April 5
Where: Sirdab Lab (Location)

For Registration CLICK ME

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