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Transfer residence from factory visa to company visa

November 6, 20160 Comments

I have been working in a well known company for the past one and half years.

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Dependent Visa for Newborn

November 2, 20162 Comments

Quoted from Arabtimes – I want to bring my wife and newborn baby to Kuwait. But my salary is KD 200. Is it possible to get the visas with the same salary … Because my Kuwaiti (sponsor) has promised to get me the visas with same salary.

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KD 200 family, KD 300 for relative and KD 450 for family residence

October 17, 20160 Comments

Residency Affairs Department Director General in the Interior Ministry Major General Talal Al-Marafe has announced increasing the salary cap for an expatriate who wants to bring his wife and children to Kuwait for family visit from KD 150 to KD 200, and KD 300 if he wants to bring a sibling or relative for the same purpose, reports Al-Rai daily.

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MOI Increase the salary requirememt for Dependent Visa

October 12, 20160 Comments

MOI Increase the salary requirememt for Dependent Visa from 250 KD to 450 KD

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Pakistan suspends visa abolition agreement with Kuwait

July 29, 20165 Comments

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali on Friday suspended Visa Abolition Agreement with Kuwait over non-compliance.

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Kuwait Visa for Parents

June 24, 201611 Comments

I would like to know about the eligibility and procedure for applying for a Medical Treatment Visa for parents who are older than 50 years. And if the visa is granted what will be the duration of their stay in Kuwait?

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Work permits transfer in 300 KD

June 9, 201648 Comments

The Public Authority for Manpower is considering allowing the transfer of work permits for laborers of the agricultural, industrial, shepherding and fishing sectors with the approval of their sponsors.

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Visitors born before 1951 denied entry to Kuwait

May 18, 20168 Comments

Family visitors born before 1951 will not be allowed entry to the State of Kuwait.

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Kuwait plan Visa Exit System for workers

December 17, 20151 Comment

Following the examples of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Kuwait announced plans to adopt an exit-visa system that would require migrants to gain written permission from their sponsor/employer in order to leave the country. Continue Reading &raquo

Delegation from Kuwait will soon visit Pakistan for Visas issue

August 16, 20150 Comments


02visa10-09Kuwaiti authorities do not officially acknowledge imposition of any ban or restriction on issuance of visas to Pakistanis. Continue Reading &raquo

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