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25% rent discount for Apr, May & Jun to all Kuwaiti and expatriate tenants

April 14, 20206 Comments

Jamal Abdel Hamid Khaled Al-Mutawa granted 25 percent rent discount for the months of April, May and June to all Kuwaiti and expatriate tenants in the investment and commercial properties that his company owns.

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Rent values fall by 13 percent and Tens thousands flats are vacant

May 5, 20183 Comments

There are currently 49,130 empty flats in Kuwait and 26,466 others under construction; thus more than 75,000 units need to be “absorbed” by the domestic property market in 4-5 years, according to the Kuwait Real Estate Union.

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52,000 flats in residential buildings are empty

March 26, 20181 Comment

About 14 percent of the flats in investment residential buildings are empty, as per a recent study conducted by Kuwait Real Estate Association. In other words, about 52,000 flats out of a total 371,000 flats in 13,353 residential buildings are empty.

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Furnished Apartment in 40 KWD but sleeping is not allowed,

February 5, 20181 Comment

 ‘Furnished Apartment for daily hire’ reads an advertisement which at first site may look just ordinary, but one of the conditions make this advertisement suspicious which reads ‘No Sleeping in the apartment’, reports Al-Rai daily.

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Call to review rent contracts

November 23, 20170 Comments

 Director of Technical Control Department and acting Director of Statistics Department in the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) Engr Iqbal Al-Tayar has called on ministries and other governmental bodies to review their rent contracts in view of the application of new electricity and water charges as of Wednesday, reports Al-Qabas daily.

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Rent reduction in Salmiya and Sulaibikhat

July 8, 20170 Comments

According to an investigative report conducted by the daily, rents of apartments in Kuwait have dropped by up to KD 100 in various areas depending on several factors related to the location and type of the apartment.

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Salmiya and Hawalli areas have started reducing the rent

December 29, 20160 Comments

Owners of some investment buildings in Salmiya and Hawalli areas have started reducing their rent and two-bedroom flat— for the first time in many years, has gone down to KD 300 and below, reports Arab Times daily.

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Rents may go down by 25 percent in Kuwait

June 27, 20161 Comment

There are indications that the rents of investment apartments will reduce by 25 percent before the end of this year due to several factors including the slump in the real estate sector during the summer season, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting sources from the real-estate sector.

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Panel forms to “change rent law”

March 17, 20160 Comments

As per Kuwait TimesA high-ranking source at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said there is no move by the ministry towards limiting or deciding rents of real estate.

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Closure of Church in Kuwait City

April 4, 201529 Comments

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