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15 Kuwaitis aligned with DAESH

September 23, 20180 Comments

Fifteen Kuwaitis are believed to have joined forces with DAESH or the so-called Islamic State terrorist organization which remains besieged in Idlib amid reports the ‘Battle for Idlib’ has been postponed after the international parties to the ‘conflict’ feared heavy casualties, reports Al-Jaridah daily quoting sources.

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Kuwait informed about threat from ISIS

October 23, 20170 Comments

The security and intelligence wing of an unidentified friendly country recently informed Kuwait about a threat coming from the Islamic State or the socalled DAESH without identifying the location or time, reports Al-Qabas daily.

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Filipino woman jailed for 10 years in Kuwait

December 27, 20160 Comments

A Kuwaiti court on Monday sentenced a Filipino woman to 10 years in jail after convicting her of joining the Islamic State jihadist group and plotting attacks.

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Reward of 7,650,000 KWD (25 Millions USD) for information of Abu Baker

December 17, 20160 Comments

The US on Friday increased to USD 25 million a reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi, the leader of the so-called Islamic State (IS).

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Persons who plotted to blow up a prayer hall cut the heads of civilians are Kuwait Born

December 10, 20160 Comments

Two Muslims who plotted to blow up a prayer hall in Sydney and “cut heads” off civilians in the name of the so-called Islamic State group were both jailed for 20 years on Friday.

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The detained (due to affiliation with Daesh) Ali Omar and his mother revealed shocking info

July 10, 20161 Comment

The Kuwaiti citizen Ali Omar a.k.a. Abu Turab who was detained along with his mother for their affiliation to the DAESH terrorist organization made some shocking revelations during interrogations, reports Aljarida daily.

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Terrorists Cell caught in Kuwait

July 4, 201643 Comments

terrorists cell kuwait isis

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Fighter jets dropped several 500-pound laser-guided bombs on Iraq (Quoted from Arabtimes)

November 6, 20140 Comments

Canada fighter jets strike IS heavy vehicles US continues strikes against militants
Source : Arabtimes
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