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About 1 million expatriates deported

November 3, 20160 Comments

Statistics issued by the security authorities shows the government of Kuwait has deported approximately one million expatriates over the past 20 years for committing various types of offences, reports Al-Shahed daily.

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Deportation for six expatriates

October 11, 20160 Comments

Officers from General Traffic Department launched sudden traffic campaigns in all governorates

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Deportation of 25 Expats

August 9, 20160 Comments

General Traffic Department (GTD) embarked on several traffic campaigns in all six governorates last week

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3 Pakistanis deported

July 12, 20160 Comments

The State Security apparatus has reportedly deported three Pakistanis.

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Arrested from Farwaniya

June 18, 20169 Comments


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Kuwait deported 14 more people

June 12, 20164 Comments

Kuwait is deporting 14 more beggars after they were caught asking for money near places of worship.

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Three women deported

June 9, 20163 Comments

Three women – an Egyptian and two Indians – were arrested for begging, reports Al-Seyassah daily. In a press statement, the Public Security Sector explained that one of the arrested women is a 1972-born Egyptian who works in a ladies saloon.

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Immediate deportation of Expats panhandling

June 7, 20160 Comments

Any expat caught panhandling during Ramadan will be subjected to immediate deportation, said a press statement by the Ministry of Interior on Saturday.

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Deportation for environment law breakers

May 14, 20160 Comments

Environmental Police affiliated to the Public Security Sector, in coordination with Environment Public Authority, has been taking firm legal action against the violators of environmental law including those who violated the law on grazing of livestock by allowing animals under their care to stray onto the roads and cause traffic accidents.

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Deportation of 41000 Expats from Kuwait

April 30, 20160 Comments

A total of 41,000 expatriates have been deported from the country during 2015 and the first four months of 2016, reports Al-Anba daily quoting senior security sources.

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