Surprise Checking Lead To Deportation Of 1,444 Expats (Via Arabtimes)

August 3, 20153 Comments

illegals10Public Security Sector officers continued the surprise inspection campaigns in all areas, leading to the deportation of 1,444 expatriates who violated the Residency and Labor laws. These campaigns also resulted in the arrest of 36 people wanted by law for involvement in criminal cases, 101 in civil cases, 54 for the possession of narcotic substances and 26 for possession of liquor.

A total of 144 vehicles were also impounded as their owners were caught driving recklessly; thereby, endangering not only their lives but that of other people as well. The arrests took place in 579 checkpoints established in different places throughout the country. . . . 68 residency violators held: A team from the Domestic Workers Sector arrested 68 violators of residency law and issued 3 citations during an inspection campaign in the domestic workers offices at Fahaheel area.

Source : ArabTimes


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  1. Ali Adnan says:

    We cannot blame Kuwait only but all around the World Labor law always stands with Employers (Companies)

  2. Ali Adnan says:

    Kuwait Labor Law is still supporting the Employers both the ways

  3. Ali Zuaby says:

    Nobody wonders way thousands are violating labor & residency laws!

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