Special conditions for visa absence permission

September 3, 20180 Comments

Interior Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality, Passports and Travel Documents Maj Gen Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf Al-Sabah gave instructions to limit the issuance of absence permission only for study, medication and humanitarian conditions according to certain conditions and standards, Al-Anba reported yesterday.

The absence permission is given to residents in Kuwait who have to leave the country for extended periods of time, in order to avoid having their visas canceled. Sheikh Faisal also gave instructions to find solutions for Syrian residency violators who had entered Kuwait with visit visas. Those with salaries of KD 450 or more will be allowed to apply for family visas for their wives and kids, a source said, adding that there is a study to also give family visas for the father, mother, brother and sister in such cases.

Source : Kuwait Times

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