Single men must live in separate towns

September 3, 20180 Comments

According to several MPs, the issue related to bachelors staying in private residential areas needs radical solutions topped by expediting the construction of residential areas for bachelors, reports Al-Rai daily.

They lamented the reconnection of electricity to buildings that are proven to accommodate bachelors, even though cutting off electricity in the first place was a wrong procedure. They stressed the need for investigations to be launched in this regard.

The MPs insisted that the issue of bachelors must be dealt with, once and for all, through construction of towns that have all necessary services. In this regard, Chairman of Parliament’s Interior and Defense Committee Askar Al-Enezi said, “Cutting off electricity or other such solutions will never solve the problem of bachelors living in private residential areas. Abrupt and patchy solutions will not be of any use. The best solution is to construct new towns for them.”

Also, Chairman of Parliament’s Replacement “Kuwaitization” Committee Khalil Al-Saleh stressed the need to launch investigations to identify those who facilitated the reconnection of electricity to buildings which are proven to host bachelors illegally. “We admit the problem of bachelors is a huge one. It has been ongoing for many years. Not a single serious measure has been taken to contain this problem”, he added.

Saleh went on to say, “Bachelors should live in towns designated for them – towns which will provide for them all necessary services and preserve all their rights”. In addition, MP Osama Al-Shaheen said, “The basis of the problem concerning bachelor expatriate force is the lack of residential towns for them where they can live away from family areas and avoid perturbing public order. This is due to several health, social and security considerations”. He affirmed, “I have been following up the issue of labor towns. I received promises from the government concerning ongoing practical plans to establish six towns. The construction of the first of these six towns will start soon…but we unfortunately see nothing on the ground”.

Source : Arabtimes

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