Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Causeway Project , Kuwait

November 17, 201426 Comments

The Doha link of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway is at 97.2 percent completion, The Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) said yesterday. Director General of PART Eng Ahmad Al-Hassan said that the project aims linking the areas of Shuwaikh and Doha via a causeway bridge located southwest of Kuwait Bay.


The Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Causeway, a key project on the state national development plan, will be among the longest bridge worldwide. It is one track for completion in November 2018. (KUNA)

Kuwait’s Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Causeway Project is on track for completion in 2018. The bridge – also known as the Sheikh Jaber Bridge or Subiya Causeway – is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the GCC region..

The project involves construction of 2 sea bridges, one linked to Subbiyah and the other linked to Doha. The first bridge that will be linked to Subbiyah – considered as the main bridge – will stretch 37.5 km, starting from the Ghazali Street intersection and ending at the Subbiyah highway. The second bridge which will be linked to Doha will be 16 km and will pass through the Kuwait Bay area towards the west.


The project will also include 2 man-made islands of 30 hectares; one on the northern side and the other on the southern side of the bridge which will house maintenance and traffic emergency buildings, fueling stations and boat docks. The aim of the 35km structure is to reduce travel time between the capital and the new city – dubbed Silk City – from an hour to 20 minutes.


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  1. Remy Lef says:

    fabulous project !
    other big project here

  2. i will message you when it will be completed

  3. Hey Nick, great looking project. your group should be proud!

  4. Now things are really moving in the right direction. It's really beautiful

  5. Im her before Working subiya 1984 bobiyan bridge its great and nice congratulations all Kuwaities citizens people

  6. Wonderful god bless kuwait

  7. its great and nice i hope to solve the traffic & crowded problem in Kuwait

  8. amazing project.cngrts
    kuwait city..

  9. what will be the advantage of this link??
    what's in Subbiyah?

  10. Day by day becoming beautifull kuwait congrat 4 all citizens and expt

  11. Wow… kuwait is building….Gr8 feeling. ..

  12. they should have a gas station on the way.

  13. Of course excellent after completion…

  14. Maybe after 50 years it will be finish

  15. It's really awesome project. Allah bless Kuwait and kuwaties

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