Security forces moved near Iraq border

February 12, 20170 Comments

“A number of military units, including security, control and Armed Forces, were assigned at the borders between Kuwait and Iraq as a precautionary measure while the alert and readiness levels were raised.

This step was taken based on information about the presence of several Iraqis in Umm Qasr which is near Khor Abdullah,” Assistant Undersecretary for Land Border Security Abdullah Al-Muhanna told Al-Jaridah daily.

The decision was taken following calls made in Iraq to stage demonstrations in protest against the agreement over navigation rights in the estuary signed by Kuwait and Iraq in 2012. “The situation is under control and the precautionary measures taken by Kuwait will deter any abuse,” Al-Muhanna asserted.

Meanwhile a report published on quoted Iraqi sources as saying that the demonstration on Friday was supposed to be held at the border but it was moved to another location in response to the request of security forces.

Source : Arabtimes

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