Salute to Kuwait Al Farsi Kites Team

January 16, 20160 Comments

Kuwait Al Farsi Team did not claim to be in Guinness Record only to keep the Kuwait’s Flag to its highest.

This team already owns the Guinness Record for world’s biggest kite that is tailored after Kuwaiti Flag, this kite that measures 1,000 and weighs 300-kg requires at least 15-people to fly it BUT the team has one better with a still bigger Ray Kite that measures 2,400 and one that weighs nearly 600-kg.


While the record for the biggest kite with their Ray Kite is there for the taking, the only reason the team has not gone claiming the record for this kite is national pride. Kuwaitis see the Lynn created kite as their way of letting the world know that there is nation called Kuwait and one that stood up to the Iraqi aggressors led by Saddam Hussain, successfully and valiantly. They do not want their own creation to take away the record that stands in the name of this national pride.

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