Road accidents, penalties and number of death in first six months of 2014 in Kuwait

November 15, 201419 Comments

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The death toll of road accidents topped 225 people in the first six months of 2014. The fatalities include 88 Kuwaiti citizens and the rest are foreign residents; they include 197 male and 28 females. The total number of registered vehicles topped 1,793,037. The number of traffic bookings hit 3,550,928. The value of fines levied amounted to KD 34,882,870. A total of 37,194 vehicles have been impounded and number of driving licenses withdrawn from their owners amounting to 19,907.

Source : KuwaitTimes

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  1. Accident occurs from the wreckless drivers as will as the using of mobile phone while driving…drivers value your life we have only one life to waste in this this world…

  2. Too many kuwaiti children driving cars. I think the kuwaiti love money more than their kids. It shows.

  3. Middle Eastern people and south west Asians have no love of life. Islam throws respect for others out. So no one cares about others on the road.

  4. Kuwaiti none kuwaities are all same drive with phone on the aers under the scarp.and chating whatsap viber on the raod not only one phone they more than one.thats the reason they die soon.

  5. Flora Aboy says:

    Im a new driver and I saw alot of driver dont follow the law of kuwait .last week the guy go even it is red light its because no camera and no police

  6. Stop all girls to testing ..! While Driving ..!

  7. Ann-Marie Isaac
    yes i see what u mean, however these were the new roads not the old ones, i.e this was after they attempted to fix roads that they had these problems, moreover, when i started to drive "legally" the roads were perfect. and that was back in 2002, somewhere around 2005 we started to have the idea that the roads rent good enough, trust me its not the roads, its the whole design of the country, ill give u a small example, jabriya, u have the main road 101, on that road which is two lanes on each side, u will have buildings houses, and also for some reason u will have baqalas landry, embassies, schools, law offices, police station and a bank, guess which of these things actually have a parking space, yes only the police station and the bank, the schools have them from their entry which is on the other side but lets be honest no one will go there they will drop their children from the main road if they have to go to work. we can talk about this for quit a bit many other examples but its kinda too late for areas that r built already so i just hope they fix their new areas and cities

  8. We will rob ably agree to disagree on that. I agree there are too many cars on the road & it's getting worse. But I do believe the roads are poorly designed.. Either go with the American road designs or British not mix both.. It doesn't work. For you know what I mean? Roundabouts that start with 3 or 4 lanes than merge into 2 and slip roads too close together creating congestion. This is what I meant.

  9. I'm not sure if they actually collected the amount suggested or they just mean these were the total of the fines given, BTW the roads r not a problem the amount of ppl that see the traffic and yet try to speed off and so r the problem, if there is traffic, put some calm music enjoy it and appreciate that u have a car and cheep petrol to take u from point a to b and c and do

  10. The real reason is mobile. People text when they drive.

  11. Mony Love says:

    Hmmmm bitter no cors

  12. Where is the money going? Any chance they can invest in building better roads?

  13. I don't believe these numbers as for foreigners they care about their life and their own cars , but kuwaities are so reckless drivers compare to expats, always here in kuwait they give more numbers to put the blame on foreigners either on traffics or violations

  14. The reason for all the fatalities and the bad drivers in Kuwait . Is due to the unsatisfactory of the drivers training . There is no such thing in Kuwait . Until there is a test or some type of training . Nothing will be done . These numbers will continue to be high year after year . Look at all the wrecks and accidents day after day there . So many people after re not following the law .

  15. So many of them are reckless drivers…and I can't imagine seeing minors driving so fast late at night.

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