Rape of 15 years old girl for one week (News via Arabtimes)

November 15, 201417 Comments

An unknown individual kidnapped and raped a 15-year old Iraqi girl for one week and then released her, reports Al-Rai daily.

The victim’s mother lodged a complaint at Salwa Police Station against the unknown suspect, explaining that her daughter left the house but did not return for one week, as the suspect had kidnapped her daughter, locked her up in his apartment for one week, raped her many times and then released her. Securitymen are carrying out investigations to find and arrest the suspect using the information given by the complainant.

Note : The purpose to share this news to ask you to be very observant.

Source : ArabTimes

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  1. Kuwait used to me was the most safest happy country in the world. Dunno what happened in the last few years. …no one is safe anymore…that breaks my heart….

  2. hahahahah the whole idea is to stop this from happening not to encourage it more often. take america as an example. no.1 at rape cases.

  3. we all want to help her

  4. Abd Samer says:

    No cut his manhood and lose him free
    Handover to that girl with whom he did that

  5. Abd Samer says:

    Sick sick sick ppl pathetic losers assholes
    No in fact there should be fucked by redhot iron rod in their asshole then they will learn and then they should skinned alive in public then all the other morons learn what will happen to them
    If they did this

  6. That had to be done in india nt here

  7. Just build some bars as UAE did and let girls make bussines and guys make sex in controlled places to avoid such violences. Kuwait is the land of sexual deprive. This is the main reason for increasing rape news.

  8. Ilu Jaan says:

    Kill him for teach lesson for other.

  9. kill that rapist kill ………….kill ……………….kill kill bas kill

  10. Jail is not suitable for him..must kill him

  11. Nabbed that culprit and….. Kill him as saudi.laws…..cut his head by neck…..it ill b a good lesson for others…

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