Quick visit of Peace One Day the Art Exhibition @capkuwait #peaceoneday #kuwait

September 21, 20141 Comment

Photographer : Usman Choudhry
ASC_1953Art Salon was organized In celebration with the global peace day & in support of Peace One Day the art exhibition TALK LOVE … ACT PEACE , showcasing diverse art from around the world to fund children in Gaza, in collaboration with Gassan Kanafani Foundation, and to fund Kuwait’s Child Rights Association.
Image on Invite is from a series of 10 by the Iranian artist Majeed Askari. Titled “Ressurection” the series deals with the effects of industrialization, wars and politics on humankind.
ASC_1952 ASC_1948 ASC_1934 ASC_1931ASC_1930 ASC_1927 ASC_1923 ASC_1915 ASC_1910ASC_1905 ASC_1899 ASC_1892 ASC_1890 ASC_1889ASC_1887 ASC_1886 ASC_1885

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  1. Congratulations for producing a such beautiful event.

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